Looking for dramas movies etc. featuring the infamous Absent Japanese Husband/Father. Can anyone think of any?? I've got to make a video project about the absentee father for Dawn (for those of you who know who that is) and I'm looking for assistance finding the drama scenes that deal with fathers or husbands who are gone from Japanese homes for much of the time.

Help please!

edit: I should probably define Absent Father. OOPS Umm, a father or husband who lives most of the time in another location because of work etc.

Ok, so I'm alive an well an all that. I've been in Morioka for about a week short of a month and I'm happy and enjoying life here. There's a lovely amount of grapefruit flavored things which makes me happy.

Basic daily schedule for me is complicated but . . . Mondays I go to classes at a local university from 9 to 4 but I usually try to get in early so I can use the internets and check in with people and leave a little late to do the same things. Tuesdays I get up and head out to host school, buy a lunch at a combini on the way. (MACKENZIE, QUESTION: did you ever go to the bento place sort of near us on the corner where you turn to get to Morioka Eki??) Then I do whatever my English teachers tell me to do in classes. There are 2 women teachers who I work closely with and then a group of 5 student teachers at my school and usually at least one of them is observing one of my classes so I spend a lot of time with them in the teachers room. They're really cool and fun and I want to spend time with them outside of school but don't know them well enough yet to bring up that option. My school was the only Junior High School in the area to be physically damaged in the earthquake to the students are separated into 3 school buildings. The English teachers rotate what schools they spend time at I think but I'm not so clear on the pattern. So far I've only been working with the third year students but tomorrow I have my first day with the 2nd years so I'm excited. They're all really sweet and cute and intense and they remember all the ALTs they've had before and want to talk about them. Then I help the students clean the teachers room and go home and collapse for a nap while my host sister takes her nap. Then there's dinner and Full House and all sorts of stuff with homework shoved in there somewhere before bed. Wednesdays I got to my host school for half a day and then usually go somewhere shopping or wandering around with one of the other SICE people or I go to Gandai for the internets and get home around 2:00, just in time to go pick my host sister up from preschool. Thursdays I have classes at Gandai again and then I have homework time and Thursdays are Pokemon night. Fridays are another full day at my host school, just like Tuesdays. The group seems to try to meet up on Friday nights but I haven't been able to go yet so hopefully this week I'll be able to.

This past Saturday to yesterday we went to the coastal area of Iwate to do some volunteer work and help people clean up after the tsunami and earthquake. We spent most of that time at a camp sort of place called Shinomori that's run by Waseda students and has been there for like 50 years or something. It was founded after a big forest fire in Tanohata and the main purpose of the camp is to take care of the forest on the surrouding mountains but me and mountain climbing didn't work out so well because it was soooooo steep I got dizzy and couldn't keep really move so much. I'm proud that I didn't actually throw up but I wanted to. So for the rest of the time Rosa (knee problems) and Katie (???) and I copped out of the mountain climbing part of the camp and helped them clean up the beach and deal with the debris / garbage we found there. There was a lot that was sad, a lot that was sort of astonishing, and most of it was unidentifiable. It was hard to see everything that was lost but Tanohata was on the good end of the disaster so things were already starting to look up and I'm hopeful. The last evening and day we spent in Tono at a volunteer center place that I need to find out the details of because it was really great and welll organized and awesome etc and it would be a good resource for people who want to volunteer in Japan. We spent the only work day we were there cleaning out an irrigation ditch around a rice field. We found a lot of house building materials and a lot of car parts and a lot of small posession things that hit hard but it felt good to do and was a really good experience. And Xan and I made a friend at the camp who will be in Kyoto when we are there and wants to meet if possible so I'm excited for that.

Otherwise I'm good, generically awesome but the program is a very full program so I am having a hard time finding time to myself which is starting to take it's toll. I am also upset that I tried to buy Sexy Honey Bunny and the only (non used) CD store that I can find doesn't have it! My fangirl is upset. I'm happy with the food, with my host family, with classes for the most part (I don't like being the only student in my Japanese class, it's really draining and the class is three hours long with only one break so I'm dead at the end of it and it's only lunch time) and I'm having lots of fun. ALSO, there are Okada's on Gandai's campus so that makes it all better.

Sorry for taking up so much space and I'm sure there's so much more I should tell people but I can't think of it and I'm out of information to share atm. If you ave questions for me etc, either email me or ask them here. I can only get online a couple times a week but I'll get to answering them as soon as I can.

I love and miss all my peoples out there so contact me, keep the love alive!! I'm getting silly, I need to stop typing :)

x-posted to my tumblr so sorry for additional spam if you have one of those too!


Aug. 13th, 2011 02:36 pm
Hey peeps. While I am in Japan my phone email is pw08070138264@eemnet.ne.jp I didn't get to choose it so it's lame but whatever. Wish me luck and if you want to keep in touch, send stuffs to that email.

Also, I have toooo much shit and it's never going to all fit in my suitcases!!!!!

Why is the power out on the night I was going to be motivated and start doing work for my summer online course that doesn't have any deadlines until mid July. I have not yet started reading the textbook yet which is bad. I need motivation in my life.

Also, I hate being home. It depresses me and I feel like
I have to leave the house to just be myself for a little bit. I should do that tonight in the power outage and let my tipsy father snore in his recliner and my crazy mother freak out about her computer dying with no power in peace. Maybe I'll go get a slurpee. I've been collecting 7/11 slurpee rewards codes this summer. If you have any that you don't want, you should share them with me. I'll put them to good use, I promise. :)

That's all for now folks who care. My life is dull. I am BORED!!!!!!!! Save me !!!!!!

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I dunno how many of y'all will find/have need of this but I found NHKworld News streaming in English for updates on the current status in Japan. I trust it a little more than CNN etc. and it seems to update more frequently.

I'll be back at school in a week. I can't wait to get outta here, countin' the days.
Anyways, made some more macros if anyone feels like checking them out.

Photobucket album link that's hopefully correct: http://s799.photobucket.com/home/beastlover89/index


Jul. 2nd, 2010 04:13 pm
I'm in a macro mood today because I've been checking out [livejournal.com profile] kpop_macros  and [livejournal.com profile] youtachi_macros  at work while I'm waiting for the scanner to email- you know what, not important. I'm slacking off just a little bit during lag time and I get 1/2 an hour break time in an 8 hour day so ima use it properly. Anyway, I would like all you people who feel so inclined to, to link me/send me/somehow make them appear in front of me, your most macroable pictures of your favorite biases from any group/fandom you like (just tell me who they are if you think I won't know) and I'll do my best to turn them into something at least reasonably amusing.

Also, next week on Thursday I'm getting my remaining wisdom teeth removed and will be on hardcore pain killers so I would also like you all to send me things that will be even more amusing on narcotics. PLEASE. I shan't be going to work and will have to amuse myself for the days following and I do not amuse myself well, especially on drogas.

If it applies to you, enjoy your 4th weekend. If it doesn't have a good weekend anyway.

Randomly, I just realized that I'm the macknae of my family which means this Photobucket could possibly apply to me and I approve.

Also, I'm still at work waiting for a ride to my next event and there is absolutely no one else in the office here and it's a little bit creepy. At least the machines are still running in the shop so it's not silent. Anyway, not important.

Enjoy yourselves my friends and send me lots n lots n lots of stuffs.
And I'm 'illegally' posting this here because I'm soo bored already. At least I have my own space, well relatively.

Also, I love my daddy.

That is all.
Can you tell I'm happy? I was so excited after it happened last night that I couldn't fall asleep until like 4:30 but I was also too excited to do anything productive like fact finding for my latest project or writing people or whatever. I spent most of the time dancing (well, more like running and flailing) around in my (rather skimpy cause it's hot here) pajamas in the basement with my cat laughing at me the whole time watching the post game coverage. First cup win in 49 years and they worked hella hard to get there. This year's season was super super long too a causa del Olympics.

And this morning I had the first of my last three appointments with my orthodontist! That means I only have my braces for about another month and then I can get the damned things off.

And I had key lime pie today and watched some HanaKimi which is always a happy thing.

And I have a (temporary) job house sitting and watching the lizard of some really great friends. <3 His name's Fred. The lizard I mean, not the friend. My (gran)Papa's name was Fred.

And I have a new project to hopefully dispel my boredom. Be excited. If it works out, you'll know.

An there's a likely possibility that I will have my own car next year! All that's left is for my daddy to agree to MK's proposition and I have my own lovely 10 year old minivan!

And tomorrow MK has to work so I don't have to deal with her. And the whole fam is going to go out to eat to celebrate the Hawks' win so I won't have to do dishes.

And David's FINALLY coming home from school this weekend so I can hug the boy.

Also, I'm going to be doing some major baking this weekend. There's a community picnic.

There's a lot more happy stuff here than I thought there would be. I thought it would stop shortly after Hawks' win and no braces. That in itself makes me happy. Ok, time for me to stop rambling. :D
So, except for Lydia sempai's lovely visit, today was shitty. Lydia is wonderful. She came and played with all my pets and we watched Be Cool and laughed at the Rock playing a gay, Samoan, bodyguard, actor/singer wannabe. And I got to molest her stomach which always makes me feel better.

I woke up early (to cramps) to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled and it turns out that the guy who told me I could wait until summer to get it filled when he found it over Spring Break was WRONG because if anything feels out of wack in the next day or two I have to get a root canal. My dentist gave me his HOME PHONE NUMBER and called this evening after he ate dinner to check on me which should tell you how not good it is. I would've been able to get it filled during Spring Break but since he told me it wasn't a big deal I didn't do it. 2 visits to the dentist in a vacation week make it kinda sucky. And I had a bad reaction to the novocaine cause he had to use a LOT so afterwards was not fun.

Because my mother is unreasonable she doesn't keep easy,  quick breakfast food in the house - no cereal, no bagels, no frozen waffles, nothing so I didn't get to eat before going to the dentist and I didn't feel like eating afterwards so I only ate dinner today. And MK was pissy the whole day but that's a whole nother story.

And I'm bored as hell because the people running my internship fail at life and timelines so I have nothing to do. So, I've been reading and writing a lot and making macros (which I think are pretty stereotypical&boring but I'm feeling shitty). I'll get around to finally finishing stuff I owe people this week so if I promised to do / you want me to do something for you, remind / ask me please.

I've posted about half, scratch that, a third ish of these on [livejournal.com profile] kpop_macros  but I thought I ought to put them here too, partly to prove I'm still alive. There are 60 something so that's your warning. By the way, I blame all this on tumblr and [livejournal.com profile] forgottenkanji .

Now I'm gonna eat some chocolate and watch Okada be attractive in Otonari before I go to sleep.
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So as you should all eventually learn, I am the Queen. I'm also addicted to chapstick. This combination led to a lovely oneshot my lovely friend Alice ([livejournal.com profile] bibliophile_ali ) wrote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anything that doesn't make sense is a reference to the strange power dynamic semi-existent in my group of friends and some amazing inside joke that's most likely unexplainable.

She wrote it at 2 in the morning and it's still this awesome!! )

Alice I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to the half price bookstore today which was a BIG mistake but I was selling some of my old books I no longer need so it was well justified. Or so I keep telling myself. But, I found a gem so it was worth it.
There I was, perusing the games section to see if I wanted any of them for my collection (Taboo for 3 bucks) and found The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide and HAD to buy it.
I have read the introduction and the section entitled 'History' and learned very little. Rock Paper Scissors was developed independently in both Japan and Eastern Europe and was called Paper Scissors Stone in London for quite a while but people turned the abbreviation (PSS) into PiSSers and they changed it to Rock Paper Scissors. They do actually refer to it as janken in the sections discussing Japanese versions of the game which pleases me. 
The authors are either entirely too serious and completely believe that there was a measurable need for this book and slaved away to provide the public with it or are bsing the entire thing marvelously. I rather think it's the first possibility but I have not yet read enough to cement that.

Anyways, sorry about the semi-spam, it just made me HAPPY.

Another thing that makes me happy: Only 1 1/2 weeks left until I return to school and escape my family, especially my mother.
AND I'm going to the zoo Saturday!! I love the zoo.

I fail at communication of all kinds this summer. Well, just on the off chance that anyone would be looking for me this coming week, I thought I'd let the world know I'm going to be in Ole Mississippi without a computer. I'm going to sweat myself into oblivion but otherwise it'll be o.k.
I'm just wondering, if there was a bathroom in your house that you never used and no guests ever saw, would you be upset if there were things like bottles of contact solution, mouthwash, lotion, stuff like that sitting out on a little table intended for things to be set on?

I was just treated to a 5 minute rant from my mother because the bathroom my siblings and I share (but she NEVER uses) had 5-6 bottles of stuff sitting out on a little table between the sink and the toilet and she wanted it to be put away in the bathroom cabinet. And then she put it away. It's all stuff we use every day and now I'm going to get shit from my sibs about it because they're going to think I put it all away in all the wrong places.
So, I prolly shouldn't have written that oneshot last night because I now want to write. This is bad. I feel like writing and am fairly good at it but I am good at writing scenes. Entire stories? With plots? Not so much.

I've been working on my own version of Beauty and the Beast because I grew up on that story. I've read about 20 different versions, some of them multiple times, and seen every movie/play of it I've had to opportunity to see. It provided a base for a lot of my opinions/feelings about stuff like love, home, family, the big stuff. I started with the intention of 'fixing' the story. Every version always has a little something that doesn't quite fit, or is just blatantly wrong and I was going to write it without all that stuff. It's very slow going because I'm lazy and I chose to write it in a style that doesn't agree with me. I have decided to change to style to a more conducive one for me and maybe I'll get a little farther.

Anyway. Here's the prologue type thingy cause I'm kinda short on time at the moment but I've been bit by the writing bug and HAD to do something.

The Beginning

Once, several hundred years ago, the world was full of magic. Enchantments lay thickly over everything and those who could control enchantment were honored and feared. Magic itself was feared most of all; for, like any all-powerful, sentient force, it had an unpredictable mind all its own. People were wary, not of change because change was normal; it was common to see your socks turn into hedgehogs when you tried to wash them, but of sameness. Anything that stayed the same for longer than a week was obviously a powerful magical object and should be treated with caution.


In those days, men who were heedless of the perils of magic, though few, died young or disappeared.


As the years passed, magic became more academic and refined. Magicians and wizards studied in universities. Witches, though few, continued to practice magic the old way. Magic became less visible, less obvious. There were people who did not know magic existed. The universities slowly were deemed unnecessary and closed. Eventually, only the few people that still practiced magic believed in its existence. Perhaps one in every thousand people still knew of it. That was one of the problems of modern life; the lack of belief in something more powerful than one's self. The other problem, the neglect of love and a widespread ignorance of its power, was far more troublesome. Yet, it was never recognized, except, by those who practiced magic. Magic relies on love for a large part of its power because both love and magic are based on belief and strength. Needless to say, the magic was not pleased with the state of things but it had been weakened by its dry, academic treatment and could do nothing. It needed a catalyst.


I'm back!!

Jun. 29th, 2009 11:25 am
I feel like I've been gone for a month but it was only 10 days. Anyhow, I'm back! I went to visit my sister at her in-law's cabin on Lake of the Woods in Canada. It was REALLY pretty but really basic. No running water, electricity (so no charging of the ipod ! ), etc. which made it not so fun for me. Besides all that, my crazy insane mother who goes beyond description came so we were all stuck on an island in the middle of this HUGE lake with Mother and nothing to do. We all survived. No one pushed anyone off the boat. (We went fishing and I caught 6!!) The wolves did not attack us. It all worked out but I never want to do it again.
Now, I'm ready to return to the world I'm more familiar with, and my kitty.
I've been home alone all week and found myself gradually running out of activities so I turned to the old standby T.V. And during the day it's slim pickings, especially after the cartoons are over so I've been watching What Not to Wear on TLC a lot. I don't really know why because I'm not terribly interested in fashion but whatever. I noticed during the show that I've seen some clothes similar to the ones trashed by the hosts on members of Arashi through the years, especially Jun and had an idea. Arashi's what NOT to wear special!! Anyone have any priceless pictures to contribute? Bad hair is also a viable topic. If the clothes aren't that bad but the hair is, share.
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