Why is the power out on the night I was going to be motivated and start doing work for my summer online course that doesn't have any deadlines until mid July. I have not yet started reading the textbook yet which is bad. I need motivation in my life.

Also, I hate being home. It depresses me and I feel like
I have to leave the house to just be myself for a little bit. I should do that tonight in the power outage and let my tipsy father snore in his recliner and my crazy mother freak out about her computer dying with no power in peace. Maybe I'll go get a slurpee. I've been collecting 7/11 slurpee rewards codes this summer. If you have any that you don't want, you should share them with me. I'll put them to good use, I promise. :)

That's all for now folks who care. My life is dull. I am BORED!!!!!!!! Save me !!!!!!

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Jul. 2nd, 2010 04:13 pm
I'm in a macro mood today because I've been checking out [livejournal.com profile] kpop_macros  and [livejournal.com profile] youtachi_macros  at work while I'm waiting for the scanner to email- you know what, not important. I'm slacking off just a little bit during lag time and I get 1/2 an hour break time in an 8 hour day so ima use it properly. Anyway, I would like all you people who feel so inclined to, to link me/send me/somehow make them appear in front of me, your most macroable pictures of your favorite biases from any group/fandom you like (just tell me who they are if you think I won't know) and I'll do my best to turn them into something at least reasonably amusing.

Also, next week on Thursday I'm getting my remaining wisdom teeth removed and will be on hardcore pain killers so I would also like you all to send me things that will be even more amusing on narcotics. PLEASE. I shan't be going to work and will have to amuse myself for the days following and I do not amuse myself well, especially on drogas.

If it applies to you, enjoy your 4th weekend. If it doesn't have a good weekend anyway.

Randomly, I just realized that I'm the macknae of my family which means this Photobucket could possibly apply to me and I approve.

Also, I'm still at work waiting for a ride to my next event and there is absolutely no one else in the office here and it's a little bit creepy. At least the machines are still running in the shop so it's not silent. Anyway, not important.

Enjoy yourselves my friends and send me lots n lots n lots of stuffs.
So, except for Lydia sempai's lovely visit, today was shitty. Lydia is wonderful. She came and played with all my pets and we watched Be Cool and laughed at the Rock playing a gay, Samoan, bodyguard, actor/singer wannabe. And I got to molest her stomach which always makes me feel better.

I woke up early (to cramps) to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled and it turns out that the guy who told me I could wait until summer to get it filled when he found it over Spring Break was WRONG because if anything feels out of wack in the next day or two I have to get a root canal. My dentist gave me his HOME PHONE NUMBER and called this evening after he ate dinner to check on me which should tell you how not good it is. I would've been able to get it filled during Spring Break but since he told me it wasn't a big deal I didn't do it. 2 visits to the dentist in a vacation week make it kinda sucky. And I had a bad reaction to the novocaine cause he had to use a LOT so afterwards was not fun.

Because my mother is unreasonable she doesn't keep easy,  quick breakfast food in the house - no cereal, no bagels, no frozen waffles, nothing so I didn't get to eat before going to the dentist and I didn't feel like eating afterwards so I only ate dinner today. And MK was pissy the whole day but that's a whole nother story.

And I'm bored as hell because the people running my internship fail at life and timelines so I have nothing to do. So, I've been reading and writing a lot and making macros (which I think are pretty stereotypical&boring but I'm feeling shitty). I'll get around to finally finishing stuff I owe people this week so if I promised to do / you want me to do something for you, remind / ask me please.

I've posted about half, scratch that, a third ish of these on [livejournal.com profile] kpop_macros  but I thought I ought to put them here too, partly to prove I'm still alive. There are 60 something so that's your warning. By the way, I blame all this on tumblr and [livejournal.com profile] forgottenkanji .

Now I'm gonna eat some chocolate and watch Okada be attractive in Otonari before I go to sleep.
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