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I went to the half price bookstore today which was a BIG mistake but I was selling some of my old books I no longer need so it was well justified. Or so I keep telling myself. But, I found a gem so it was worth it.
There I was, perusing the games section to see if I wanted any of them for my collection (Taboo for 3 bucks) and found The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide and HAD to buy it.
I have read the introduction and the section entitled 'History' and learned very little. Rock Paper Scissors was developed independently in both Japan and Eastern Europe and was called Paper Scissors Stone in London for quite a while but people turned the abbreviation (PSS) into PiSSers and they changed it to Rock Paper Scissors. They do actually refer to it as janken in the sections discussing Japanese versions of the game which pleases me. 
The authors are either entirely too serious and completely believe that there was a measurable need for this book and slaved away to provide the public with it or are bsing the entire thing marvelously. I rather think it's the first possibility but I have not yet read enough to cement that.

Anyways, sorry about the semi-spam, it just made me HAPPY.

Another thing that makes me happy: Only 1 1/2 weeks left until I return to school and escape my family, especially my mother.
AND I'm going to the zoo Saturday!! I love the zoo.

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